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Friday, January 21, 2005

Selfless Love

Picture this. A guy and a girl love each other a lot. The guy is prepared to do anything for his love. Another guy, guy1 loves the girl too. Guy1's mom creates irreconcilable misunderstandings between the guy and the girl. The result - the girl gets married to guy1. The guy continues to love the girl relentlessly.

A couple of years hence guy1 dies. Circumstantial evidence speaks that the guy planned guy1's death, when in fact, the guy tried his best to save guy1. The girl starts loathing the guy. But the latter loves her more than ever. He still yearns to marry her, unaware that she's horribly mistaken about him. She plots something sinister...vows to destroy the guy by marrying him. She succeeds...takes advantage of his blind faith in her and makes him sign important documents that frame him in a multi-crore scam; she gets herself kidnapped to derive sadistic pleasure when she sees in him the grief of losing her; she even tries to kill him in the same manner that she thinks he killed guy1. To make a long story short, she makes his life hell. She confesses to having done all this in a bid to avenge guy1's death. In the end, when he's in the dock, instead of denying involvement in the scam, he readily accepts it; for if he won't, the girl would have to face the music.

Isn't this love in it's purest form? Isn't this how true love should be? Such love is almost extinct in the present day world. I agree it's not easy to be willing to destroy oneself for the sake of someone; but that's the only way to love truly...isn't it?

Monday, January 17, 2005


Did any of you ever have a fleeting thought why I named my blog 'visapower' or what it could stand for, besides of course those cashless cards? The term 'VISA' has been coined by merging together a few letters from my name and that of Ji! Hence VISAPower! What a romantic revelation that! The credit for coming up with that term goes to Ji.

Now, on this day three years back Ji confessed his love for me and helped me break free from the clutches of my past. As a unified soul, we embarked on the journey of Forever Love, accompanied by our vows of unconditional, ever-increasing love. I shall always fondly cherish this day.

By the way, Mumbaiites, how was the Marathon yesterday? I watched it on TV and it sure seemed to be great fun! Mumbai is my favorite city, for reasons unknown to myself. Been there about a couple of times way back in my childhood, yet the magic of the city lingers on. Well, that's Amchi Mumbai I guess!

Before I call it a day, a very happy anniversary to VISA and heartiest congratulations on completing three glorious years of its endless odyssey to eternal love, guided by the Almighty's Grace and the blessings of our elders. Three cheers to VISA!!!
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What is yours will remain yours, even when it is not with you.

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