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Monday, December 12, 2005

A short trip

Training started today and it's fun! I had always longed to attend some training in my field of specialization, which I never got at my previous employer. Interacting with fellow employees is a great experience too. Each one of us has such a diverse background and skill set, within the same specialization itself! Should get over by this weekend, I guess.

Before leaving for Bangalore I made sure I caught up on some of the latest movies! Due to a very sharp stroke of ill luck I couldn't see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in its maiden week. :( Only a true Potter fan can understand how disappointing this can be! :(( But I did watch it in IMAX, and boy! What an experience it was! Not just once, I watched it twice, on two consecutive days! :D And should I get the time and company, I am all for another time! ;) Danielle Radcliffe is outstanding! Emma Watson is too pretty! The other movie I saw was Mr. ya Miss. It's hilarious with a very good attempt at driving sense into troublesome guys. According to trade pundits, it isn't raking in money; but for a debutante director, Antara Mali was commendable. Well, this isn't any sort of a movie review post, so let me be done with my movie experiences!

Because of the hectic schedule I have been having since I joined Accenture, I am unable to view all your blogs regularly. Hope you folks would excuse me for that! Shall catch up with what's happening in your lives, soon!

Oh...before leaving, I'd like to mention this song by Rajiv Goswami. The lyrics are quite attractive and novel, and the music is hummable! It goes something like:

Paayal ko jhankaar se matlab
Phoolon ko singaar se matlab
Is dil ko dildaar se matlab...dildaar se matlab!

Yaadon ko intezaar se matlab
Waadon ko aetbaar se matlab
Khwabon ko deedaar se matlab...deedaar se matlab!

Mujhe mere yaar se matlab, mujhe bas pyaar se matlab!

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