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Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Trip into Blogsville

I wandered off, today, peeping in and out of a myriad blogs. Only a few manage to imprison the attention, and today they were those of Princess Au Contraire and Deepak Jeswal. I've read DJ before and his stories are irresistably enrapturing. But today I found immense beauty in his stories and language. His personal post 'Married on 5th July' stirred me emotionally and I longed to see Dad and Mum together again. Princess has a fine linguistic appeal about her posts. I felt agitated when I read they had to put up with verbal abuse in London, post those bombings, merely owing to their Asian origin. How unfair is that?!

It's a pity I discovered them at a time when both have just taken an indefinite break from their respective sites. I've always nurtured this desire to write beautiful, impeccable English and this trip has just shown me where I stand. The writers I particularly adore are Deepak Jeswal, Princess, The Raging Currents, Abhinav and Mukund. Perhaps someday I'd be able to reach somewhere close to their ranks!

A few prominent alterations on my blog: First, the tag box is gone. It was causing irritating pop-ups and I've removed it...if anyone could suggest how to get rid of the pop-ups rather than the box itself, I could have it back again. Then, Thought for the Day features again. I've this vast kitty of thoughts I want to put up here; only, last time I was too clumsy to update each day! Dunno if I'd be any better this time around. Lastly, there's a counter steadily ticking away at the top. Apparently, not everyone understands what the Goblet of Fire is - the fourth movie in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, cinematic version of the fourth Potter books by the same name, is releasing this November 18th. And we, Potter fans, are eagerly waiting to see Danielle Radcliffe play our favorite wizard hero, Harry Potter!!
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