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Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Power of Love

I had to write this. I always knew love was a force to reckon with. It has the potential to turn one's life into paradise; but it also has the might to blow life to pieces. And the crux of the situation is, one is expected to continue to live with this unbearable pain. But when I personally saw the misery involved, I was dumb struck.

I have this friend of mine M who is truly, madly, deeply in love with a lass D. The girl liked him too, but was certain from the start that her parents would never approve of this match. M was confident that once he earned a respectable position in the society, he could convince D's parents. But as luck would have it, one evening when M dropped off D at home, they were watched by D's dad...and it was the onset of a nightmare...

They forcibly flew her to Kerala the same day...and apparently kept her in house arrest, incommunicado. It's been almost two months and he hasnt heard from her. He took his parents and went to meet her parents, who were still in Hyderabad. He went to plead with them for their daughter but instead they pleaded with him to leave the girl alone. They insisted that come hell or high water, they want a son-in-law from their own caste. Their daughter's happiness also is second to this caste requirement. Now how dumb is that?

Presently, he's fighting tooth and nail to get her back. He's in a trance now. Cant quite believe wut's happening to him. He wrote her father a letter explaining him everything; spoke to her mother for over two hours on the phone, trying to make her see reason. But they wudnt budge. He asked me for some advice. I told him the first and foremost thing to do is to find out wut the girl has decided. It would be futile to think 'bout the next course of action without knowing the girl's intentions. And trying to contact her is another Herculean task, given that they've kept a constant vigil over her. He says even if it's excruciating pain, he wudnt mind it, if in the end he does win her...and if she vows her support, he's ready to battle against the world...ne suggestions in this regard, folks?

The other case is of Reticent Amour. I dunno wut reason could be convincing enough to drive two ppl so absolutely in love, away from each other. I really feel sorry for the duo. May God bless them with the courage to go ahead with their love in spite of all odds...

Latest Developments, 5 March, 2005

It so happened that M got a missed call a couple of days back. On probing, he found that it was from Kerala; he lost no time in hunting for the corresponding address. He checked it with D's sis, who is supportive of their relationaship, and confirmed that it is indeed the place where D is currently housed. He left with a group of friends to Kerala yesterday. If the girl says a 'yes', they plan to marry immediately. He is well aware that this step could lead to nasty repercussions, but is prepared to face them. I've been trying to reach them since morning but in vain...eagerly awaiting news from his side...

Final Developments, 9 March, 2005

They reached Kerala and started searching for the address. They couldnt find her at the address. M's SIM card got corrupted while in Kerala. Crest-fallen, they started back. After reaching Hyderabad, he took a new SIM of the same number and found that he had a huge number of missed calls from her house in Hyderabad. He immediately called back. The girl answered...and confirmed his worst fear. She said a resounding 'NO', bcoz ten members of her family would give up their lives if these two went ahead and married each other. He tried his best to convince her, but she said she was helpless. He then spoke to her father also. Her father kept on saying 'I am her father...who are you to tell me whom I should get my daughter married to?' With an effort to keep his voice steady, M asked me, 'Is the parent-child bonding the only relationship in the world?' Unfortunately, I am not the one to answer his query...
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