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Friday, December 17, 2004

The IndiBlog Awards

That there's a site to honour excellence in the field of blogging is real amusing news to me. For those of you, who wish to try your luck, hurry to IndiBlog Awards. They are still accepting nominations; the site offers exhaustive information regarding the entire process, categories, jury and the prizes! All the best!

In the same vein are the Edublog Awards. Some fantastic educational blogs listed...

Bride to be...

Being an unmarried 23 year-old Indian girl is not easy...day in and day out people drop in to suggest the best matrimonial matches. But given that everyone in my family has known Ji for three years, I took it for granted that I shouldnt face such an imbroglio. This morning I heard in disbelief my granny say over the phone, 'Dear, there's an excellent match for you...the guy's got an own home, a lovely job in one of the MNCs. I want you to change your mind, forget Ji and ponder over this match. If you concede, we would have the kundalis matched right away.' I thought this was some kind of silly joke and burst out laughing...lolz!

Add to it, after the call, mom quips, backed up by my aunt, 'So what do you say?' Another shocker! I told them plainly that there was nothing to say...that it's absurd to even think of such things after coming so far! Hope they leave it at that :) !

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Banished Words 2004

Hit upon this rather unusual list during one of my aimless tours around the Net...lol!!
Banished Words

Disturbed Schedule

Well...I have so much to talk about, but seem undecided where to start. My exams are coming up in Jan; my idea was to finish with the chapters of the two subjects by dec 15 and revise over and over again for the second half of the month. Situation today is that I'm still left with two more chapters! So much for my planning... :(

Couldnt have a chat with Ji today bcoz the darn messenger wont work; it wont work bcoz the authorization password's been changed; so till I get it I'll have to make do sans a messenger! Feel crippled without the thing I'm so used to doing...even if Ji doesnt come online, there's some satisfaction lurking around as I am atleast logged in! Strange but true!

Need to return to my books for a while...

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

At the onset...

Phew! Finally conjured up a cosy little place for myself in this vast expanse of the blogging world. Being a complete novice to the concept, it took me a sizeable chunk of time to figure out how things work. But then, there's always a first time!

Traditional diary-writing has the inherent threat of the diary falling into the wrong hands and spilling our darkest secrets and well-guarded facts. This threat being nullified in a blog, in that there's no link between the matter and identity of the author, is what enticed me to the idea, strongly supplemented by my desire to gain some more mastery of the language I am so much in love with.

This foray into blogging equips me with the means to speak my heart out about anything under, over or around the Sun. To start with, I'm employed with one of the globally renowned companies, and pursuing my Masters in Computers through distance education. Mine is a small family, with a dad, mom and younger brother. Then there's a guy in my life whom i would refer to as 'Ji' and whom I love from the depths of my heart! And he's the only one who knows that this blog belongs to the real ME!

Oh...wish to speak more and more...but perhaps some other time...
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