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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Curtain Raiser

Folks, I feel it's time to pull the veil off and reveal my true self. ..V.. makes an exit and gives way to Vidhi...ya, that's me! What prompted me to take this step? Well, I analysed...if someone personally known to me happens to hit upon this site, identifying who I actually am, becomes a cakewalk, owing to the abundant supply of facts & figures I have all over this place. Moreover, I've no secrets as such here...these things are known to those who know me in the real world. So why bother! lolz!

Now that you guys know where 'VI' in VISApower comes from, would anyone be inclined to take a guess at my Ji's name? Yeah...it starts with the letters 'Sa' and is a 6-letter name. You've enough clues to get started...! :)
Thought for the Day
What is yours will remain yours, even when it is not with you.

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24 year-old female Arian. wheatish complexion, long hair, slender frame. After being a citizen of the world an Indian to the core

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Fav line: When you want something very badly, the entire universe conspires to help you have it. [The Alchemist]

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