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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A thousand words

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Pictures, they say, are equivalent to a thousand words...inspired by the many photoblogs I've been to, wanted to have some pics here too. And this one seems quite appropriate at the moment...I've this horrible sensation inside me that makes me feel like an orphan...almost...I know I shouldn't be saying such extreme things, but then, I remembered, this blog's the only place I can shun all pretentions and speak without fear and inhibitions...
Thought for the Day
What is yours will remain yours, even when it is not with you.

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24 year-old female Arian. wheatish complexion, long hair, slender frame. After being a citizen of the world an Indian to the core

Fav Books: The Alchemist, Harry Potter
Fav Movie: The eternal Titanic
Fan of: Salman Khan, the English language
Fav line: When you want something very badly, the entire universe conspires to help you have it. [The Alchemist]

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