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Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year Greetings from VISA!

As is happening with me very often these days, this post is also slightly behind schedule. Internet is down at home since this Friday. And today I'm forced to post this from office.

Here's wishing a very happy new year to the world. Methinks wishing a happy new year has become more of a ritual than anything else. People keep greeting each other during the first couple of weeks or so, and for the rest of the year, due to their own folly and narrowmindedness, inflict so much pain, mentally and otherwise, on others. Some of our deeds and actions are a disgrace to humanity. So, this time around I wish there is/are :

More joy than sorrow,
More peace than war,
More smiles than tears,
More humanity than terrorism,
More compassion than barbarism,
More love than hatred.

I wouldn't like to include how 2005 had been for me personally, just that it was a rather painful year. Hope this year brings me respite in one way or the other.
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