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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A new chapter

Tomorrow I begin a whole new phase of my life - with Accenture. I would be gone to Bangalore for a fortnight, for some training. The last four years were a different experience and I don't even know what to look forward to. Apprehensions mingled with a thrill of the unknown - is exactly what is going on within me.

What I shared through this blog in my last post was just a fraction of the iceberg. I couldn't think of any way to share the rest. I feel so bad at the thought that the very purpose of starting this blog stands defeated. I have seen many lows and abysses...but since August I was at my lowest in life. Very much like a corpse...nothing to interest me anymore...nothing to move me any longer. Just existing coz my heart wouldn't stop beating. I guess all this took it's toll on me and the reason I was away for so long from this place, was my battered health. I can't say with conviction that I'm back to normal...it might take ages, or it might never happen at all...I just wish this pain ends soon...one way or the other.

The last comment on my previous post, by Anonymous, was very valuable to me. I don't know who that person is, wish (s)he'd left behind some link. Nevertheless, just to let you know that I appreciate the things you've tried to explain to me. And VISApower WILL always be with me...irrespective of everything else...thanks for your wishes!

My dear friend Poonam is finally engaged! The lovely girl that she is, Poonam deserves all this happiness! VISA extends warm wishes to Neeraj & Poonam!
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