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Thursday, May 26, 2005

To Saahil and Vidhi...With Love

Yet another moment of boundless joy, sheer ecstasy, timeless love...this, the 26th day of May, three years back, I gave in to the mighty power of my Saahil's love...I said a 'yes' to him. It's been three years, Saahil, but feels like I've known you since...I don't know when...

I'm not very good at composing songs (Saahil had once composed a song for me, which was so astoundingly beautiful...but tragically, we have no record of it; he just sang it spontaneously, and neither of us can recollect the exact words :(. The essence of the song, though, is contained in my soul). So here's something I've picked for you from Mera Saaya...can't tell what percentage of our love this song expresses, b'coz there's no 100% to our love...

Tu jahaan, jahaan chalega
Mera saaya saath hoga
Mera saaya...mera saaya...
Mera saaya...mera saaya...

Kabhi mujhko yaad karke
Jo bahenge tere aansoo...
Kabhi mujhko yaad karke
Jo bahenge tere aansoon
To wahin pe rok lenge
Unhe aake mere aansoo...
Tu jidhar ka rukh karega
Mera saaya saath hoga...
Mera saaya...mera saaya...
Mera saaya...mera saaya...

Tu agar udaas hoga
To udaas hoongi main bhi...
Tu agar udaas hoga
To udaas hoongi main bhi
Nazar aaoon ya na aaoon
Tere saath hoongi main bhi...
Tu kahin bhi ja rahega
Mera saaya saath hoga...
Mera saaya...mera saaya...
Mera saaya...mera saaya...


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mixed Bag

It's tough recollecting all the events since I last posted. Half of them never make it to the blog and it's not until two weeks later that I realize it. Wish, could post as and when they occur. Well, I don't have a choice now, do I? :(

On the Saturday night just gone by, I was back to doing what I love - listening to songs out in the veranda. This time the song was Careless Whisper. And you know what, on each occasion I listen to it, I seem to discover more of its beauty. There's something about it that strikes a chord deep within. The gentle midnight breeze and the whole nocturnal ambience only amplified the pleasure. My love for music seems to revive a dormant desire of mine - to learn to play the violin. I feel the notes of the violin are so perfectly in sync with the beats of the heart! Particularly, I wish to play 'Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein...' (Adnan Sami) and 'Kabhi Shaam Dhale...' (Sur). There are others too but these are the most prominent ones. I really look forward to play the instrument sometime in the future! *sigh*

The preceeding two Sundays were a treat for Harry Potter fans, what with Cartoon Network airing The Sorcerer's Stone on one Sunday and Pogo airing The Chamber of Secrets on the next. Can't praise Rowling enough for the intriguingly enchanting world she has created. The Half Blood Prince is due for release on July 16 and the wait is tortuously long! To make matters worse, I have my exams on July 16, 23 & 24!! Which means I'll have to wait a week more to finally lay hands on it! May God grant me the wisdom and patience to ward off the temptation!

Goodness knows what's going on in Ekta Kapoor's serials...or perhaps only Ekta knows! She can go to any lengths to ensure a soaring TRP. Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki is in absolute mess! The girl the Agarwals think is their daughter, is in fact someone else's daughter and the girl Sameer thinks is his wife, is in fact not his wife! KSBKBT seems to have taken an interesting turn though. It's high time Tulsi stops taking the crap hurled out at her from every member of the family and vindicate her stance. The humiliation she is put through is seriously unthinkable. But looks like the worst is yet to come. And what exactly does Ekta mean by showing Sujal's death? Is she planning another high-tension drama like the Mihir Veerani episode or is it something else? Does she even realize that the only reason KTH is such a hit is bcoz of Sujal & Kashish? Aamna's acting in y'day's scene was truly commendable. I was in a pool of tears myself, by the time it ended. If either of the two is out of the soap, Ekta is sure to have one less viewer - ya...me! Ok...they are the only three serials I watch!

Kylie appears to be on the road to complete recovery and it's good news for all her well-wishers. I specifically like her song 'It's in your eyes...'. (Someday these pages will carry a list of my favorite songs.)

Before I wind up this post, I'd request anyone who reads this to send up a prayer for Preeti. Plz folks...she needs it...
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