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Monday, October 24, 2005

Relief at long last!

Feels great to return to my diary. The last 2 weeks were thoroughly hectic. It wouldn't be an exaggeration if I said, at times I didn't even have time to breathe! :) First, there were the exams, then Saahil going for his autumn project (his air tickets were bit of a concern) and then my interviews. Good thing is I made it into one of my target companies, Accenture!!!! :) Poonam, we'd be in the same company!

Because of all this, my festival shopping had to be stalled for a while. It will resume in full swing from today, through the whole week! :) I have a lot of plans lined up for the festival of lights. I might wear a sari that day or I might just wear a new outfit. Then I would decorate my home with rangoli and diyas and flowers; I really love this part! Plan to have mehendi also done, but have not yet finalized the parlour. Then, I'm going for a hair spa treatment from L'Oreal Professional! Quite an exhaustive to-do list right?! For once, I want to put aside all the anxieties and uncertainities of life and just indulge myself in these temporary delights. My brother will join us for the festival, so the usual nok-jhonk will follow! ;)

I'd written a few posts during the days I was absent here, but could never actually post them on the blog. Some of the matter is even outdated now; I shall try to put up the rest of it, in the following days.
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