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Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Belated Birthday

I'm a bad blogger...couldn't even wish my blog on December, the fifteenth, when it celebrated it's first birthday! Well, I do the honours right now...

"Dear blog, a very happy belated birthday...thanks for being with me through my joys and sorrows and lending me a patient ear...thanks for introducing me to some lovely people out here who have all along boosted my morale and spirits, whenever I was down, who have amused me, made me laugh, moved me and taught me, through their comments here and posts on their blogs and who have always sent best wishes to VISA...I wish to spend a lifetime with you and confide in you my innermost thoughts and desires, and know that you would fondly nestle them deep in your heart..."

Those were a few lines I came up with at the spur of the moment, while writing this post. Blogging was introduced to me by Saahil...since then I visited many blogs and read pages of many lives. They all seemed similar, yet different in some aspects. And the one quality that appealed to me most about blogs was beautiful English. I was amazed and aghast at the quality of English I came across. I realised this was the perfect place for me to romance the language, at the same time put on record, things that I otherwise couldn't, in the real world.

I do get trapped in mundane activities, that leads me to go silent for a while...but this is something I surely wanna work on and find time to write atleast a line or two, regularly. I really appreciate Abhinav in this regard...being an MBA student, (we all know how busy these ppl are supposed to be) he posts with amazing regularity...! Cheers to you, pal!

Saahil is coming down for the weekend...so ya all know now, VISA would be busy over the next two days ;) ! Btw, 15th December happens to be Poonam's birthday too...so here are my wishes to you, again, Poonam! :)
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