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Monday, April 18, 2005

Nocturnal Majesty

My favorite part of the day, is the night. Something abt it intensely appeals to my senses. I don't know whether it's the absence of the harsh solar rays, of the ceaseless din of earthly activities or simply the silence that spreads for miles. In the hands of a poet, description of the post-twilight brilliance would have woven magic, but in simple words I'll say this period casts a soothing effect on me and restores my composure no matter how hard the day might have been.

I love to be in the balcony at nights and experience the mystical effect. This I can do only during the weekends, coz on the other days I need to retire early so as to be able to wake up soon. And when I carry a walkman to accompany me, with my favorite numbers playing...heavens...it's just bliss!

It's an amazing feeling to peer through the darkness at the sky above & gaze at the oh-so-distant stars, the never-ending expanse of the universe which holds so many mysteries in its bosom; an expanse that humbles man & puts to shame all the technological breakthroughs ever made by him.

Another thing I do during my tryst with the Black Queen is to open my heart out to her. When there's no one with whom I can speak all I want, whatever I want, all the sense and nonsense I want, and yet be sure that the person won't ever let go of my hand, won't ever be judgemental but wud only listen and pledge to be with me, beyond Time, beyond reason, beyond Life, beyond Death, no matter what...in short, when my Ji is not with me, physically, she is all ears for me. As I progress deep into her darkness, I love watching all my worries melt away into her...leaving me lighter, better & rejuvenated to face the forthcoming trials...

There's a song which comes to mind and which I just cant resist putting down...

Aaja sanam, madhur chaandni mein hum tum milein
to veerane mein bhi aajeygi bahar
jhoomne lagega aasmaan...

Kehta hai dil aur machalta hai dil,
more saajan le chal mujhe taaron ke paar,
lagta nahin hai dil yahaan...

Thought for the Day
What is yours will remain yours, even when it is not with you.

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