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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A Master and a Masterpiece

Watched Black yesterday night and couldn't resist writing this post. Calling it a masterpiece seems to be an understatement. A truly resplendent movie, definitely not to be missed. I'm smitten by the unforgettable performances of Rani, Amitabh and the little girl Ayesha. But as Abhinav's mentioned I wouldn't like to give away anything of the movie to anyone who hasn't yet watched it; but I do wanna talk about it! So those who are yet to watch it, please skip the next three paragraphs.

Black - a beautiful, royal color and the favorite of many, including me. But that's not all there is to it. It signifies different things to different people. While many adore the color, those who've been subject to racial discrimination might despise it. It is often thought to be the symbol of mourning. The Black Friday holds tortuous memories for some. But what is depicted in the movie transcends all these connotations. It's an accumulation of a blind and deaf girl's emotions and experiences in life - an endlessly black life that is skillfully steered, by a teacher, to mitigate the darkness.

I felt the most poignant part of the movie was when Michelle's sister, Sarah, tells her that Michelle might never be anyone's bride, but she must atleast not upset Sarah's betrothal ceremony. When Sarah finally gets married, Michelle longs for a kiss, for someone to embrace her, to be loved, to be caressed, to feel the sensual pleasures. So much that she actually asks her teacher to kiss her on the lips for once. He is in a great turmoil for a while but finally gives in...and goes away from Michelle that very night. She's crestfallen and repents that she ended up asking too much from life. How does one deal with life when one is denied even its simplest joys?

The movie's a spectacular show of emotions. Sanjay Leela Bhansali had come up with a similar movie Khamoshi, starring Salman and Manisha, with Manisha's parents being deaf and dumb in that. But it had not worked. In one of the interviews Bhansali had said that it was a movie close to his heart and its failure pained him. Now he has Black. Wonder what makes the concept so dear to him. Anyway. One can't help but thank God profusely for the five senses and all our vital organs, something which we tend to take for granted. I guess Black has reserved most of this year's awards for itself.

Ok, now Ji wants to know why my Mood Meter is showing Emotional. I got very emotional writing my last post - had this feeling that those very close to me are leaving one by one, then we are shifting tomorrow, the lines where I talked about me leaving Orissa and Ji deciding to leave me, the Tsunami toll. I am all the more emotional today after having watched Black. Ji, hope I answered you well! I love you!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Another weekend gone by...

...and it was just as bland as its predecessors. My next group exams are coming up in April, and the mathematics subject is giving me a real tough time. Results of my Jan exams are out. Nothing to boast about...a measly 67% :(. I had really studied hard but a few questions were out of the prescibed syllabus! So this time around, I've decided to go through the entire books, though not sure if I'd have that time!

Talking about time, these days I'm having no sense of time at all! I marvel at the way 2004 just zoomed past! And even January 2005 is history now! A few days more and dad will fly back to the occident. A best friend of mine, N, is doing her MBA here and she's been placed in Chennai. She'd leave on Feb 14th. So that leaves me alone again. While she was here, it was some support for me; used to go to her place and pour my heart out. We've been friends ever since our childhood. Actually it was our trio of N, NL and me. I am the most emotional and sentimental one among the three. At times, I myself find it tough to believe how sensitive I can get. So sensitive that survival in this world feels like a struggle sometimes. Things which others would pass off as a joke or something trivial hurts me profoundly. Howevermuch I try, can't seem to rid myself of this painful trait.

Come Thursday and we would have a new place to call our home. The house we've resided in for 8 eight years would no longer be ours. There...me going the senti way again! Is this quite a natural emotion or am I the odd one out? Stayed in Orissa for 16 years and when I was leaving that place forever, I nearly cried myself dry! But then it's not that I'm materialistic...just get attached to something I set my heart on, very quickly...

My post today doesn't seem to make much sense...does it? This is the place where I can think aloud, where I can shed all pretence and be my true self. If I have been able to live life to this day, it is only because of my Lord, specifically Lord Hanuman, who has never for once proved my blind faith in Him wrong. It was He who made and sent my Ji to me. He works little miracles in my life every now and then; miracles which are truly inexplicable and reinforce my faith in Him. Even if Ji decides to walk away from me someday, I know for a fact that the Ji I loved and the Ji who loved me beyond all limits is within me, very much unified with my soul; and no one, including my Lord, can take this Ji away from me ever.

HELP Telethon was organized yesterday in Mumbai for the benefit of the Tsunami victims. A very humane gesture from the Indian Film Industry in this time of crisis. The death toll has risen to a whopping 2,94,000. Can't even start to imagine how the survivors will rebuild their world again. I feel they are survivors only in the physical sense; they are mentally battered, their confidence levels at the lowest, with all their loved ones lost. Yesterday NDTV reported that 9 survivors were found deep in the jungles of Great Nicobar islands, 40 days after the disaster struck. The tribals took care of them. This has rekindled hope in many a heart that people who mean the most to them would soon return home...
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