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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Harry Potter!

This time around, something on the lighter side...

Now this is one topic on which I can talk endlessly without ever tiring! Rowling has for sure spun 'magic' with this legendary series of hers. Her style of writing is so simple and lucid that one can't help falling in love with her story. In fact, my love for English increased by leaps and bounds after reading her books. It's amazing how, once a jobless lady, today she's the wealthiest woman in Britain.

I started with the books sometime in 2003 and each succeeding book has increasingly mesmerized me. I love her characters and especially their appellations - Albus Dumbledore, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Sirius Black, James and Lily Potter, Prof. McGonagall, Lord Voldemort; and though I hate the character, Severus Snape is a lovely name. Rather than seeing the movies I think one must read the books to appreciate the beauty of her language. Moreover, her descriptions are as good as seeing the movie, if not more!

I am through all five of her books and like millions of Harry Potter fans, waiting for the sixth one anxiously; esp since she announced that another character would bite the dust in her latest work. It's called Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and is scheduled for release on July 16th, 2005. Too long a wait... *sigh*...but hope Harry eventually avenges the attrocities of the Dark Lord...

Monday, January 10, 2005

The Bitter Truth

A long hiatus and I am back...

This is where I actually wield the power of my veiled identity. The facts that I am set to share are meant to be under wraps and this is where my anonymity helps me out. My blog's strewn with subtle hints that somewhere something is wrong in my life.

I've had enough of putting up a pretentious smile on my face, giving out the message that everything's hunky-dory in my life. I think this is similar to what SP had once said in her page. There's no freedom to even wail out all we like. If we do so, we become vulnerable, gullible and the receiver of all sympathy. Then there are those who enjoy feeding on the gossip and taking advantage of the situation.

So what is it that makes me so utterly rancid about the state of affairs in life? What it is, is this - My parents are getting divorced. They've separated since 1998 and the case is going on in
court. Why the case...because mom doesn't want to give it. Dad wants it. It doesn't end there; there are so many other aspects to it, that I find it hard to decide which would be the frying pan and which the fire - the separation period or the post-divorce era.

Dad migrated to Canada in 1998 because he couldn't stand mom any longer. I dont put the entire blame of the catastrophe on dad; mom has a weird nature which is invisible to the naked eye. One needs a special lens called 'experience' to detect it. It's not something I can put in words. And it's not something mom realizes either. Pointing it out to her doesn't help, it only worsens matters. Maybe she's too naive to realize it; all she wants is her husband's love but ends up resorting to the incorrect means to have it. Wish I could fulfil her desperate desire. The only complaint I have of my dad is that he found solace in another woman. And one can only imagine how this issue can be blown out of proportions, making dad look like there's never been a villain like him. Of course I vehemently oppose this move by him; husband's involvement with the 'other' woman is perhaps the worst form of torture for any woman, especially in an Indian scenario. But I assure, the unbearable memories lead dad to find comfort somewhere and it was not that the separation was brought about because of the 'other' woman. Dad's totally fallen apart (I know so has mom); he was always known for his gentle and caring nature. In fact he tried to bear the brunt for seventeen years of his married life and when he could no longer endure, he broke free. It's evident that it took some heart-wrenching events to bring about this metamorphosis in him.

After some initial struggle in Canada, dad moved to the US. He keeps visiting us every year. Now, 'us' includes me, my bro, grandpa and dad's bro's family which resides in the same city as we do. He doesn't even as much as speak or see mom. In fact, he stays at his brother's place when he visits India. That's another imbroglio my bro and myself face every time dad's here. Mom keeps asking us, 'Howz he?', 'Has he gained/lost weight?'; and I know all the while that she yearns to speak to him, pines to see him, longs for his love, that the separation is eating her out from within. I also know that I am as helpless as the victims of the Tsunami disaster were before the massive, merciless waves.

This year dad arrived yesterday. And the same story continues...

I feel a lot better having poured out some of my thoughts; there's loads more I need to let out, this is just a prelude. To put it in the lines of Mastercard, there are some feelings that can't be
translated into words, for everything else, there's this blog of mine...
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