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Friday, March 21, 2008


Vidhi weds Saahil...

We have been waiting for this to happen since long. The Universe has chosen 10th of April 2008 for Vidhi & Saahil's wedlock.

Thanks to all of you for your support.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

When dreams come true...

Dream: noun   A condition or achievement that is longed for; an aspiration

Aspirations, Wishes, Dreams are all inherent to the human nature. VISA too has a long list of wishes or dreams (as some may wish to call) to their credit. Some are...

- A trip to Switzerland
- A journey across the sea in a star cruise

...and many more

Like every other dream some do come true and some perennially remain a dream!
Recently VISA had one of their dreams come true. And it was indeed satisfying for both Vidhi and Me.

We owe its success to the God and all our wellwishers! Thank you so much for all your blessings.

I know Vidhi's absence might be evoking a lot many questions in the minds of the readers. Not to worry, she is enjoying every moment!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's that day of the year again...

It's that day of the year, when everyone comes and wishes Happy Birthday.

Vidhi, Wish you a very happy 25th Birthday. May He be always with you, in your happiness and in testing times, in cries and in laughs, in your dreams and in all realities. He be there with you always.

You know I too am always with you...holding your hand forever. I love you Vidhi.
Enjoy the day. Have fun.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Saahil here...

To ensure that VISApower does not go into complete silence, from now on till Vidhi decides to write, I will be writing on the blog.

Well for the intro, Vidhi has mentioned about me many a times so I believe that should suffice.

Being a cricket maniac and on top of it a Rahul fan, the first thing which comes into my mind to write is India's supremacy in World cricket over the last few months. Dravid has been a great leader, which many thought he might not be due to lack of aggressiveness in his nature. All the best RD... you have miles to go and take team India along with you. Get the World Cup home!!!

A very important day for VISA is approaching and so both of us are busy preparing for it.

Ok, by now you readers would have realized I am not a great blogger. Vidhi wants me to write on the blog and so I will continue writing despite my inability to pen thoughts properly. Wait until my next post...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Longing to get back...

Wish I could return to my blog soon...but many things hold me back...need to empty myself somewhere...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

See you after a short break!

Once in a while, i think every blogger wants to take a break. It's my turn now. Need to be away from my blog and you all for a while, but I shall resurface soon. I would explain why I require to be away, on the other side of this break. Hope none of you would forget me...! Hope the ties in this cyber world aren't as weak as those in the real world.

By the way, today VISA celebrates one of its several anniversaries. Congratulations VISA!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Who is it?

I Gave Her Money
I Gave Her Time
I Gave Her Everything
Inside One Heart Could Find
I Gave Her Passion
My Very Soul
I Gave Her Promises
And Secrets So Untold

And She Promised Me Forever
And A Day We'd Live As One
We Made Our Vows
We'd Live A Life Anew
And She Promised Me In Secret
That She'd Love Me For All Time
It's A Promise So Untrue
Tell Me What Will I Do?

And It Doesn't Seem To Matter
And It Doesn't Seem Right
'Cause The Will Has Brought
No Fortune
Still I Cry Alone At Night
Don't You Judge Of My Composure
'Cause I'm Lying To Myself
And The Reason Why She Left Me
Did She Find In Someone Else?

(Who Is It?)
It Is A Friend Of Mine
(Who Is It?)
Is It My Brother!
(Who Is It?)
Somebody Hurt My Soul, Now
(Who Is It?)
I Can't Take This Stuff No More

I Am The Damned
I Am The Dead
I Am The Agony Inside
The Dying Head
This Is Injustice
Woe Unto Thee
I Pray This Punishment
Would Have Mercy On Me

And She Promised Me Forever
That We'd Live Our Life As One
We Made Our Vows
We'd Live A Love So True
It Seems That She Has Left Me
For Such Reasons Unexplained
I Need To Find The Truth
But See What Will I Do!

And It Doesn't Seem To Matter
And It Doesn't Seem Right
'Cause The Will Has Brought
No Fortune
Still I Cry Alone At Night
Don't You Judge Of My Composure
'Cause I'm Bothered Everyday
And She Didn't Leave A Letter
She Just Up And Ran Away

These are the lyrics of one of my favorite songs from Michael Jackson. Whenever I am down, I go straight to this song and drown myself in its mesmerising music. It's tough to decide which of the two is more beautiful - the lyrics or the beats. Every particle in my body starts swaying in sync with its rhythm. And when I combine this number with my old habit of listening to music in the moonlight, the effect is inexplicably overwhelming! I'd recommend this song to anyone who hasn't heard it yet!

Well, today I am writing about this song as I don't have anything else to write about - except of course wishing Neeraj and Poonam, as they are about to enter wedlock! After listening to so much of distressing news everyday, having such a good news makes one really happy! May the merciful Lord always bless them with loads of happiness!

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year Greetings from VISA!

As is happening with me very often these days, this post is also slightly behind schedule. Internet is down at home since this Friday. And today I'm forced to post this from office.

Here's wishing a very happy new year to the world. Methinks wishing a happy new year has become more of a ritual than anything else. People keep greeting each other during the first couple of weeks or so, and for the rest of the year, due to their own folly and narrowmindedness, inflict so much pain, mentally and otherwise, on others. Some of our deeds and actions are a disgrace to humanity. So, this time around I wish there is/are :

More joy than sorrow,
More peace than war,
More smiles than tears,
More humanity than terrorism,
More compassion than barbarism,
More love than hatred.

I wouldn't like to include how 2005 had been for me personally, just that it was a rather painful year. Hope this year brings me respite in one way or the other.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Belated Birthday

I'm a bad blogger...couldn't even wish my blog on December, the fifteenth, when it celebrated it's first birthday! Well, I do the honours right now...

"Dear blog, a very happy belated birthday...thanks for being with me through my joys and sorrows and lending me a patient ear...thanks for introducing me to some lovely people out here who have all along boosted my morale and spirits, whenever I was down, who have amused me, made me laugh, moved me and taught me, through their comments here and posts on their blogs and who have always sent best wishes to VISA...I wish to spend a lifetime with you and confide in you my innermost thoughts and desires, and know that you would fondly nestle them deep in your heart..."

Those were a few lines I came up with at the spur of the moment, while writing this post. Blogging was introduced to me by Saahil...since then I visited many blogs and read pages of many lives. They all seemed similar, yet different in some aspects. And the one quality that appealed to me most about blogs was beautiful English. I was amazed and aghast at the quality of English I came across. I realised this was the perfect place for me to romance the language, at the same time put on record, things that I otherwise couldn't, in the real world.

I do get trapped in mundane activities, that leads me to go silent for a while...but this is something I surely wanna work on and find time to write atleast a line or two, regularly. I really appreciate Abhinav in this regard...being an MBA student, (we all know how busy these ppl are supposed to be) he posts with amazing regularity...! Cheers to you, pal!

Saahil is coming down for the weekend...so ya all know now, VISA would be busy over the next two days ;) ! Btw, 15th December happens to be Poonam's birthday too...so here are my wishes to you, again, Poonam! :)

Monday, December 12, 2005

A short trip

Training started today and it's fun! I had always longed to attend some training in my field of specialization, which I never got at my previous employer. Interacting with fellow employees is a great experience too. Each one of us has such a diverse background and skill set, within the same specialization itself! Should get over by this weekend, I guess.

Before leaving for Bangalore I made sure I caught up on some of the latest movies! Due to a very sharp stroke of ill luck I couldn't see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in its maiden week. :( Only a true Potter fan can understand how disappointing this can be! :(( But I did watch it in IMAX, and boy! What an experience it was! Not just once, I watched it twice, on two consecutive days! :D And should I get the time and company, I am all for another time! ;) Danielle Radcliffe is outstanding! Emma Watson is too pretty! The other movie I saw was Mr. ya Miss. It's hilarious with a very good attempt at driving sense into troublesome guys. According to trade pundits, it isn't raking in money; but for a debutante director, Antara Mali was commendable. Well, this isn't any sort of a movie review post, so let me be done with my movie experiences!

Because of the hectic schedule I have been having since I joined Accenture, I am unable to view all your blogs regularly. Hope you folks would excuse me for that! Shall catch up with what's happening in your lives, soon!

Oh...before leaving, I'd like to mention this song by Rajiv Goswami. The lyrics are quite attractive and novel, and the music is hummable! It goes something like:

Paayal ko jhankaar se matlab
Phoolon ko singaar se matlab
Is dil ko dildaar se matlab...dildaar se matlab!

Yaadon ko intezaar se matlab
Waadon ko aetbaar se matlab
Khwabon ko deedaar se matlab...deedaar se matlab!

Mujhe mere yaar se matlab, mujhe bas pyaar se matlab!

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