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Friday, April 07, 2006

Saahil here...

To ensure that VISApower does not go into complete silence, from now on till Vidhi decides to write, I will be writing on the blog.

Well for the intro, Vidhi has mentioned about me many a times so I believe that should suffice.

Being a cricket maniac and on top of it a Rahul fan, the first thing which comes into my mind to write is India's supremacy in World cricket over the last few months. Dravid has been a great leader, which many thought he might not be due to lack of aggressiveness in his nature. All the best RD... you have miles to go and take team India along with you. Get the World Cup home!!!

A very important day for VISA is approaching and so both of us are busy preparing for it.

Ok, by now you readers would have realized I am not a great blogger. Vidhi wants me to write on the blog and so I will continue writing despite my inability to pen thoughts properly. Wait until my next post...


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