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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Disturbed Schedule

Well...I have so much to talk about, but seem undecided where to start. My exams are coming up in Jan; my idea was to finish with the chapters of the two subjects by dec 15 and revise over and over again for the second half of the month. Situation today is that I'm still left with two more chapters! So much for my planning... :(

Couldnt have a chat with Ji today bcoz the darn messenger wont work; it wont work bcoz the authorization password's been changed; so till I get it I'll have to make do sans a messenger! Feel crippled without the thing I'm so used to doing...even if Ji doesnt come online, there's some satisfaction lurking around as I am atleast logged in! Strange but true!

Need to return to my books for a while...


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