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Monday, December 20, 2004

Merciless Pangs of Pain

Was just going through the blog of Sweet Poison. The girl is putting up with too much pain. Wish I could reach out to her and ease her misery. It's amazing how sometimes we start relating so much to other's lives. I've legions of times felt like she does. It is said that love is a universal language; but so is pain. There's too much of it in my life, too...but certainly not for the reason she cites.

There's another thing common to the both of us...the admiration for Salman Khan ;)!! Yet another...that the two of us are extremely emotional!

I wish to share, every single issue that rips my heart apart...I wish to vent out all my frustrations and sorrows...and joys. No one is isolated from problems and worries in life...just the degree varies. But at times it does appear too tough to bear...


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