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Monday, December 27, 2004

Tragedy Strikes...Again

This week's been greeted with the greatest earthquake in four decades, and killer tsunamis in its wake. Thousands dead; millions homeless. Statistics are still on the rise. It's taken me into a mood of melancholy. If we recollect, the past few years have been regularly punctuated with tragedies; be it the Gujarat earthquake, the Godhra carnage, WTC attacks, War in Afghanistan/Iraq or these tsunamis.

Makes me wonder if the world's on the verge of perishing. Ya...I'm in a weird state of mind today...with nothing to bring succor to the victims! May the heavens be merciful and help the survivors build their world again...


Hey V, was pleasantly surprised to find myself linked here :-) - Adi
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : Monday, December 27, 2004  

Hai visa, some where new creation or invention is going on. so some destroy from nature should present. Then eqalization will be present.
# posted by Blogger Thendral : Tuesday, December 28, 2004  

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