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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Me in Mumbai!

I know this post's coming a bit behind schedule. But I was deeply overcome by lethargy the past few days. Without further delay, here's how my trip progressed...

We set off for Mumbai on the afternoon of 25th Jan, amidst the state-wide bandh called by the political parties, as a former MLA was killed. A strange potpourri of emotions filled me - the joy of meeting Ji, apprehension of the talks between Dad and Ji, the bitterness of tauji and taiji coming along instead of mom and a question deep within me - whether my life would only be spent in waiting for happy times to come. En route, I briefed about Ji to the others.

With dawn, I stepped into the City of Dreams, also the city of my dreams. We hired a cab and sped off to our guest house. I spoke to Ji and conveyed to him that all of us would meet for breakfast. He was thoroughly tensed, despite my repeated assurances. Well, I know it's just the anxiety of meeting someone for the first time!

But the actual meeting was highly informal and dad was keen on creating a relaxed ambience so that Ji was at ease. Dad only asked Ji to inform him when he must come down and speak to Ji's parents. All the other talk was casual, aimed at knowing Ji as a person.

Soon after this, Ji and I were by ourselves and roamed around Mumbai. Shopped loads at Linking Road, Fashion Street; went to Juhu Beach and Bandra Bandstand and met one of my best friends NL. I missed the Ganesha temple :( ! Though most Mumbaiites might disagree with me, I enjoyed those local train rides ;) !

Needless to say, it was a difficult farewell from Ji, as all our parting moments are. Of course I understand the parting is only physical; our souls are very well fused into one...


Well, sure sounds like you had a good trip. Good for you!!!!! And all the best :D. But didn't you go out partying? No offense meant to all the Bangaloreans, but seriously, Bombay is the best place in the country to party......

Anyway, all the very best....
# posted by Blogger Darth Midnightmare : Thursday, February 03, 2005  

glad to know that everything turned out well...red
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : Friday, February 04, 2005  

HI So looks like U are happy with the outcome of ur trip. Good for u. So next u will meet ur BFs parents and dazzle them hahn :)
# posted by Blogger Vidhur : Friday, February 04, 2005  

good to see things turning out well....best of luck to u!
# posted by Blogger Rajat : Saturday, February 05, 2005  

thanks all :) !

no johnny...didnt go partying...we'd rather spend intimate moments with each other than go to a place full of mindless noise!

ya vidhur next wud be my turn to meet them! the only fears i have r concerning my family background! but when the Lord is with us, VISAPower can never lose!
# posted by Blogger Vidhi : Monday, February 07, 2005  

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