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Monday, March 07, 2005

Indian Idol - Sab Kuch Bhula De!

Apt subtitle for the show - sab kuch bhula de (except of course my Ji!)! As is known by now, Abhijeet Savant is the Indian Idol, chosen by the people of our nation. It was an amazing and gruelling journey for the participants, more so for Amit Sana and Abhijeet, who were the final two. Well, none of my personal favorites - Rahul Vaidya, Prajakta Shukre, Rahul Saxena - made it to the finals. In fact, the ousting of Rahul Saxena took the entire nation by shock; there was even a website dedicated to vote for him and get him back into the show. A year back Abhijeet would never have thought that in just 12 months, his destiny would change forever. Such is the nature of life...

Both Amit and Abhijeet would soon take off to Switzerland along with their families; this dream trip is gifted to them by SOTC for their tremendous hardwork. The only consolation for Amit Sana is that Sonu Nigam promised to make a career for him in playback singing. I guess that's more than enough of a consolation. Built on the lines of American Idol, Indian Idol was a hugely popular show and we'd surely miss it! These days reality shows are growing in number and are the major TRP rating regulators.

Me very busy in office these days; an important module has come up for development. Quickly managed to write this post down, when there's no one around ;). Apart from that, my preparation for July exams is going on at a dull pace. Ji's first year of MBA would culminate in the exams that he would give on 11th, 12th and 13th of this month. He would then fly home. Hoping to meet him soon.

Btw, today is mom's birthday...so here's wishing her a fabulous day and year and life ahead, from VISA...may all her worries vanish into thin air...and my dear old granny has a fractured arm :( may she recover soon!

Tomorrow is International Women's Day. I wish I have the time to write something about it tomorrow, but just in case I don't, hearty Women's Day greetings to all members of the fairer sex!


Yeah, Heartiest Congratulations to the Women of the world from me...
# posted by Blogger S m i t h a : Tuesday, March 08, 2005  

Hi ..V.. How are you?
# posted by Blogger The Inspiring : Friday, March 11, 2005  

hi inspiring...i am fine...hru?
# posted by Blogger Vidhi : Sunday, March 13, 2005  

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