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Monday, May 09, 2005

Dear Mother

The second Sunday of May is dedicated to the selfless being we all know as a mother. She does all she can to help and protect her child as long as she lives. Motherhood is said to be a rebirth for a woman after the excruciating pain she goes through during child birth.

Yesterday, National Geographic Channel was airing a special program called 'In the Womb' on the occasion of Mother's Day. The entire process of birth - from conception to delivery - was shown in vivid detail. One can't help but marvel at this miracle of Nature. It is the ultimate system in the universe. The power to create life has been bestowed on women, and that makes me a proud member of the feminine species!

To the woman who gave birth to me, to the woman who gave birth to my Ji, and thus gave me an eternal gift, and to all mothers all over the world, a Happy Mother's Day!


Happy Mother's Day to both your mother and Ji's mother! :)
# posted by Anonymous poonam : Monday, May 09, 2005  

Procreation... Wondrous and damn boring at the same time...
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : Monday, May 09, 2005  

looks like god gave u an extra large heart V.u r so sensitive, very post of urs is dripping with feelings.good goin.
# posted by Blogger Abhi : Tuesday, May 10, 2005  

"to the woman who gave birth to my Ji"

im impressed by ur way of expressing ur eternal luv for ji

# posted by Blogger saurabh ohri : Wednesday, May 11, 2005  

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