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Thursday, May 26, 2005

To Saahil and Vidhi...With Love

Yet another moment of boundless joy, sheer ecstasy, timeless love...this, the 26th day of May, three years back, I gave in to the mighty power of my Saahil's love...I said a 'yes' to him. It's been three years, Saahil, but feels like I've known you since...I don't know when...

I'm not very good at composing songs (Saahil had once composed a song for me, which was so astoundingly beautiful...but tragically, we have no record of it; he just sang it spontaneously, and neither of us can recollect the exact words :(. The essence of the song, though, is contained in my soul). So here's something I've picked for you from Mera Saaya...can't tell what percentage of our love this song expresses, b'coz there's no 100% to our love...

Tu jahaan, jahaan chalega
Mera saaya saath hoga
Mera saaya...mera saaya...
Mera saaya...mera saaya...

Kabhi mujhko yaad karke
Jo bahenge tere aansoo...
Kabhi mujhko yaad karke
Jo bahenge tere aansoon
To wahin pe rok lenge
Unhe aake mere aansoo...
Tu jidhar ka rukh karega
Mera saaya saath hoga...
Mera saaya...mera saaya...
Mera saaya...mera saaya...

Tu agar udaas hoga
To udaas hoongi main bhi...
Tu agar udaas hoga
To udaas hoongi main bhi
Nazar aaoon ya na aaoon
Tere saath hoongi main bhi...
Tu kahin bhi ja rahega
Mera saaya saath hoga...
Mera saaya...mera saaya...
Mera saaya...mera saaya...


cool.wishing both of u many more such MAY 26ths together.
3 cheers fr V n S..nah nah.. vidhi n sahil.
# posted by Blogger Abhi : Thursday, May 26, 2005  

Thats funny. I and a friend of mine had got together a long time back and started a venture we called ViSa ( another Sa got added later on, otherwise, we might have sued for trademark infringement... sigh.. such is life ), which consisted of us making ( lets get the laughs in now, hahaha ), greeting cards for a fee, and of course beating the shit outta people for free ( you can't imagine how many people think that sorta thing is sissyish ). Odd that.
# posted by Blogger Me : Thursday, May 26, 2005  

Wishing u both Good Luck
# posted by Blogger llanin : Thursday, May 26, 2005  

Very sweet. :) Congrats to you both!

Beautiful song. :) May you have only happy days from today forward.
# posted by Anonymous Poonam : Thursday, May 26, 2005  

congrates to both of you..May God give u both all the love and tender and ur relationship may be long lasting with love and care with God's Grace.

all the best...
# posted by Blogger Fursat : Thursday, May 26, 2005  

wish u best of luck and happy life(with lots of love and care and affection and all that u wish for).

# posted by Blogger saurabh ohri : Thursday, May 26, 2005  

It is one of my favorite songs. And incidentally, not sure if you know it or not, this song is picturised on Late Sunil Dutt Ji, who left this world on the 25th.

It certainly is a great tribute to him too. On 25th evening, when I was recollecting some of his memorable songs, this was indeed among the first few songs I could recollect.

Love you forever...
aka Saahil :)
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : Friday, May 27, 2005  

@abhinav, thanks so much...actually there r many more such occasions that we remember and celebrate...will let u ppl know as and when they occur! :D

@vishal...nice to see u here! and thanks for sparing us the trauma of getting sued! ;) as u might hv seen, it is just a simple blend of Saahil's and my names...!

@illanin, thanks!

@poonam, neetie, saurabh...thanks a lot! :)

Saahil...tho i didnt explicitly mention it, the song was also intended to serve the purpose of paying a tribute to Duttsaab! ya...i knw it is picturized on Sunil Dutt. as u knw, there's that other song 'nainon mein badra chaye' from the same movie, which i abs adore!

love u always too saahil!
# posted by Blogger Vidhi : Friday, May 27, 2005  

oops i m again late...as usual...I wish all the very best to the two of u.....hope the three of u(vidhi sahil and visapwer-the blog) celebrate infinite number of may 26ths....and next time I want a party :)

# posted by Blogger rohit kaul : Friday, May 27, 2005  

hey...that was very sweet..wishing you luck dear :) and this is the link to my new blog :) http://angelicsoulsback.blogspot.com
# posted by Blogger Cherubin : Saturday, May 28, 2005  

Is it a coincidence, or is it deliberate...all the songs I hv seen on ur blog hv been of Lata Mangeshkar. I am a hardcore bhakt of the lady and love all her songs. So am always happy to find another fan. God Bless Both Of You! Wishing u truckloads of happiness!

# posted by Anonymous Deepak Jeswal : Sunday, May 29, 2005  

@rohit, thanks for the wishes! jab milenge to treat pakka! :)

@angel, hi...lovely to hv u back!

@deepak, actually it's coincidence that the songs on my blog so far have been mostly of Lataji! but i am a great fan of hers and her voice is just immortal! thanks for the wishes!
# posted by Blogger Vidhi : Monday, May 30, 2005  

Hello Vidhi, came here through Poonam's..me and B are in the same boat as all of you too..:) CONGRATULATIONS to the two of you...three years must have flown away...wishing many many more years of happiness together.
# posted by Anonymous Kaush : Monday, May 30, 2005  

hello kaush! glad to see u here! ya...we r all in the same boat...hope we reach our respective destinations soon ;)!

thanks for the wishes!
# posted by Blogger Vidhi : Tuesday, May 31, 2005  

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