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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Vidhi Returns!

Bah! Whatever was God thinking when He gave only 24 hours a day!!! Cliched as it would undoubtedly sound, reality is that time was a serious constraint on me the past month or so. I was manoeuvering far too many things than I'm actually capable of. Then, when Time was accomodating, my template went awry. And when the template mysteriously mended its ways, my exams were staring at me in the face. I am thankfully done with them. Moreover, this post is late by a day; it should've been here y'day, but I forgot the parchment (yeah...this is the influence Rowling has on her readers ;)) I wrote this post on, at home! In effect, it was a chain of events that kept me away. Without delving into the details of my absence any further, lemme fill you in with everything that's been happening since I last posted.

Most importantly, my Saahil has done all those known to him proud by winning a certain competition at national level, as part of a team, and is all set to represent our nation on the international platform. The event would take place at Cincinnati, Ohio, in the first week of October. For all the hard work he'd put in the competition, it was about time he reaped the fruit. My love and His blessings are always with him...and I hope all your wishes are, too! So now, VISA is about to face the same set of hassles as Neeraj had to, for his passport and visa! We've already run into trouble with his birth certificate...!!! But I am sure, things will work out well! :)

Potter fans all over the world are relieved, now that the latest installment in the series is out. While most of them are through with it, I've just begun this Sunday evening, the moment I reached home after my exam! But unfortunately, I came to know who is going to die in this book, when I was going through the comments section of a post written by Clueless Me! And I'm really, really put off - not by the fact that I came to know of the suspense prematurely, but by the untimely death of this character! Oh! Rowling! Why...just WHY did you have to do this to him??!! As if the tragedy in the fifth book wasn't enough :( ! Anyway, she would start writing the final book in December, this year, it appears. Goodness knows what she'll make Harry go through, next!!!

Salman Khan's been arrested, for some alleged links with the underworld. Something about him makes the media/politicians go hysterical. 'Once guilty, always guilty' is the rule they seem to be applying to him. Clueless Me asked me in my last post whether I was getting worked up about the furor over Salman. No making bones about the fact that I'm a Salman fan. But I've nothing to do with what he does in his personal life. My affinity for him ends at his appealing personality and charming smile. I dunno how he is as a person. He musn't pay the price just bcoz he is Salman Khan. One look here and here suggests that perhaps he's being unnecessarily framed. If he's erred in any way, he must be appropriately punished. This goes not only for him but for everyone of us, right? Punishing the culprit is as important as protecting the innocent.

I'm unable to remember other subtle things that've happened...that's the problem when you don't post regularly! My dad's and Saahil's younger sis's birthdays went by at the start of this month! Wishing both of them a belated joyous birthday! Today is Di's b'day! Sending across lovely and warm wishes to her! Well, that's all for today...have a good day! Oh ya...Abhinav, hope your grandson's not married yet! ;)


me first!!! Congrats to Saahil on the great achievement! Hopefully he won't have the same issues as Neeraj. :) That would be a major pain!!!! Do u know what type of visa he is going to US on? Cincinnati is a nice place, I think he will like it. :)

Salman Khan..hmm..am not sure abt. him...what he does in his personal life shouldn't affect his professional life....but doesn't that tell you what type of character he really is? shows what a great actor he can be (cuz on the screen he seems like this nice sweet funny guy). this incident can be similarized with shakti kapoor's casting couch issue...did ur views on shakti change once u heard abt. that?
# posted by Anonymous poonam : Tuesday, July 26, 2005  

thanks poonam :)! the team is going on behalf of the college...so the college should take care of most of the things...which type of visa? i'll ask him and let u knw!!

well, i remain neutral even in the shakti case...i wasnt there personally to see wut he actually did...God is watching...may he bring the culprits to book and protect the innocent!
# posted by Blogger Vidhi : Thursday, July 28, 2005  

Married ? Are im a great great grandfather by now.It was a boy !:p

Good to see you breathing and gooder..oops..better to see sahil doing something cool.as for salmaan khan , are hamari aishwarya ko sataata hai ! police walo , jail bhej do use !:p
# posted by Anonymous abhinav : Thursday, July 28, 2005  

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