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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


So, my blog's newly decked up and shining like a new penny! But as always, there'd be some of you who fancied the previous one better and others who vote for this one. When the earlier template went bad a few days back, Anat stepped in and suggested that I change the template. Not only did he suggest but was also highly instrumental in giving the template this look. Hence, folks, resounding applause for Anat for helping this technological dunce, so much! In college, I thought HTML was a cakewalk and never regarded it with the respect it actually deserves. But when I started to meddle with the code while designing the blog template, I realized it is not as simple as it appears!

I feel, a lot needs to be done to refine the look and feel. Pour out your suggestions, and we'll see how best to incorporate it!


this is my first time here, but i think it looks great. i need to give mine a facelift.
# posted by Blogger Neel : Thursday, August 25, 2005  

neel...did u notice the similarity between us???

hi vidhi?...sorry for commenting to neel first...well the similarities are...im an arien..im an hyderabadi..i m too an ardent fan of salman!!!!isnt that too much??..:)
# posted by Blogger preetishere : Thursday, August 25, 2005  

Me first time here..so i dont quite know how it looked previously..but this one is good yaar...keep posting..take care
# posted by Anonymous Akx : Thursday, August 25, 2005  

well...all three of u r first timers here...so a warm welcome!

preeti, yeah, that's quite a similarity!
# posted by Blogger Vidhi : Thursday, August 25, 2005  

awesome vidhi!! i love it! :) great team work vidhi and anat!
# posted by Anonymous poonam : Friday, August 26, 2005  

thanks poonam! :) as of now everyone seems to like this one better!
# posted by Blogger Vidhi : Friday, August 26, 2005  

Yep...this template looks great to me :-) You see, mez not the biggest fan of light pink ;-)

Anyway, how are things with you? Been away a while.....projects keeping me out of room and sleep :-(.......
# posted by Blogger Darth Midnightmare : Wednesday, August 31, 2005  

And when it comes to keeping things inside....well, there was a wise man who once uttered these words that I truly believe in, "Be careful when you choose your friends and even more careful about what you say to them, for your best friend is your worst enemy"......the logic is simple, your best friend knows more about your weaknesses than anyone else......

I know, it sounds cynical, but it's not really. It's realistic......it's called self-preservation......after all, the only person who can never desert me is.......me! Any and every other person may leave, but I can't leave me......and that is why we are our own best friends.....
# posted by Blogger Darth Midnightmare : Wednesday, August 31, 2005  

hi mukund...u r quite right. the only person who can never leave us is our soul...

but ne particular reason u said this?

so u busy too! all MBA students are always busy!! take some time out for us also! ;)
# posted by Blogger Vidhi : Thursday, September 01, 2005  

Hey! I always manage to take the time ;-)

As for reasons, well, without being specific, let's just say that I have learnt through watching, observing and drawing conclusions....another thing is that when I first heard this statement itself, it made sense to me and seemed very true......maybe I am just made that way :-)

# posted by Blogger Darth Midnightmare : Thursday, September 01, 2005  

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