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Monday, October 24, 2005

Relief at long last!

Feels great to return to my diary. The last 2 weeks were thoroughly hectic. It wouldn't be an exaggeration if I said, at times I didn't even have time to breathe! :) First, there were the exams, then Saahil going for his autumn project (his air tickets were bit of a concern) and then my interviews. Good thing is I made it into one of my target companies, Accenture!!!! :) Poonam, we'd be in the same company!

Because of all this, my festival shopping had to be stalled for a while. It will resume in full swing from today, through the whole week! :) I have a lot of plans lined up for the festival of lights. I might wear a sari that day or I might just wear a new outfit. Then I would decorate my home with rangoli and diyas and flowers; I really love this part! Plan to have mehendi also done, but have not yet finalized the parlour. Then, I'm going for a hair spa treatment from L'Oreal Professional! Quite an exhaustive to-do list right?! For once, I want to put aside all the anxieties and uncertainities of life and just indulge myself in these temporary delights. My brother will join us for the festival, so the usual nok-jhonk will follow! ;)

I'd written a few posts during the days I was absent here, but could never actually post them on the blog. Some of the matter is even outdated now; I shall try to put up the rest of it, in the following days.


Congrats on the new job :) !
# posted by Blogger IBH : Monday, October 24, 2005  

thanks so much IBH!! :)
tell me ur name na!!
# posted by Blogger Vidhi : Monday, October 24, 2005  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
# posted by Blogger IBH : Tuesday, October 25, 2005  

I am Indu from Poonam's blog :)
# posted by Blogger IBH : Tuesday, October 25, 2005  

accenture is a very good company.... i guess you'd be trained and posted in gurgaon.... even their parties are a lot of fun!
do tell about ur job profile...
# posted by Anonymous Anat : Tuesday, October 25, 2005  

oh...u r indu!! i've seen ur comments many times on poonam's!

@anat, thanks!! :) posting to hyderabad mein hi hai...i've insisted on that. training pata nahin kaisa hoga!
# posted by Blogger Vidhi : Tuesday, October 25, 2005  

Hola! Congrats on the new job! Great Diwali plans! Hope you have a good time! Cheers!
# posted by Anonymous AkS : Tuesday, October 25, 2005  

hyderabad is a good place to be if ur a techie. coz thats where are the big players are- companies like ms, google, ibm.
accenture is a big company itself but u can have a wider range or choices at hyd in case u decide to discontinue after the bond period. when are u supposed to join with accenture?
me coming to hyd too, in may 2006. had got recruited in satyam a little while back.
best of luck for ur future life....
# posted by Anonymous Anat : Tuesday, October 25, 2005  

congrats for the job vidhi.and a belated congrats to sahil fr winning that competetion.i guess thats a combined congrats to visa then.man ,i feel if i see a "visa" card anytime in my life , i wud be reminded of you guys.
# posted by Anonymous abhinav : Tuesday, October 25, 2005  

@akash...hi...seeing u here after long time! wut r ur plans for diwali btw?!

@anat...hmm...they've asked me to join by 1st dec...i've just got a call from ibm too...lets see wut i make out of this opportunity! and congrats to u too for making it into satyam!

@abhi...thanks for the wishes!ya...nething said abt the one of us implies to both of us...! :), chalo visa card ki wajah se hi sahi, tum humein bhoologe to nahin!! :)
# posted by Blogger Vidhi : Wednesday, October 26, 2005  

good plans...congrates for new job...

loads of plans..hair spa hmm...rangoli...good...

i read this earlier but cudnt comment i guess...

hope u ll enjoy ur diwali...

take care

God bless u !
# posted by Blogger Fursat : Wednesday, October 26, 2005  

shukriya neetie!

ya...had been planning since long to hv a hair spa treatment done! guess ab waqt aagaya hai!!
# posted by Blogger Vidhi : Wednesday, October 26, 2005  

Vidhi!! Just saw your comment re!! Congrats yaar!! i am so happy that you are going to be joining accenture.. we should talk soon!!!

all the very best and let me know if i can help in any way. :)
# posted by Anonymous poonam : Thursday, October 27, 2005  

hey.... congratulations!!
BTW, me too have been too busy in the last two weeks.... finally life is back to its normal pace :)
# posted by Blogger ~Sen~ : Thursday, October 27, 2005  

@poonam...thanks dear!! i did want to clarify a doubt from u, but now it's already clarified!!

@sen...thanks!! lucky u...i am still waiting for life to return to its normal pace!
# posted by Blogger Vidhi : Thursday, October 27, 2005  

Congrats on the new job...and yeah, its good thing to indulge once in a while on oneself..enjoy it thoroughly...Wishes to u and Sahil for the festival :-)
# posted by Anonymous deepakjeswal : Thursday, October 27, 2005  

hi deepak...yeah...i'd been planning it for quite some time now...!

thanks for the wishes and a happy diwali to u too!
# posted by Blogger Vidhi : Friday, October 28, 2005  

Congrats Vidhi for getting bagging a job in Accenture. I guess u must be a software engineer. WHt's goign to be ur job profile. Do mention in detail. Here, I am extremely busy. CAT is fast approaching. Moreover i was inundated with assignments, project evaluations, class tests and so on and so forth. Life is tough at IIT specially in 5 th yr. Once CAT is over i get down to some serious project work followed by job hunting. SO lots of things lined up for the next couple of months. My life will be decided in the next 5 months or so.
Congrats once again for a terrific job!
# posted by Blogger Debprotim : Saturday, October 29, 2005  

gr8 to hear bout ur job offer
hats off to u
yeah life i busy at this end also
and do keep visiting my blog

# posted by Blogger saurabh ohri : Monday, October 31, 2005  

Congratulations Vidhi :) nice you got a job in a very good , world renowed consulting firm and yes Poonam is always there :) . Its been a long time I came to your website, wahi time hi nahi mil raha jeevan se. Chalo abhi aaonga thoda time nikal ke and will update my blog too.

jai mata di :)
# posted by Blogger Manish : Monday, October 31, 2005  

@debprotim...thanks for the wishes! ya, me a s/w engg...i understand the stage at which u r now is very crucial for ur life...lot of things will become clear in the next few months! all the best for CAT!

@saurabh...hi...kafi dino se lapata the! hope u arent that busy nemore!

@manish...hi! ya...the firm is a good one! hmm...u hvnt updated ur blog since a long time! guess busy with work or talking to her or preparing for ur wedding right?! :)
# posted by Blogger Vidhi : Monday, October 31, 2005  

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